American Diaries ’16: The End


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Dear American Diary 2016,

To every story, there is a beginning, middle and an end. My favourite part of any story is the middle due to it being the most riveting and enthralling part. However, the part I dislike the most is the end. Reading the last word to a book, watching the last scene of a movie or a television show, or listening to the last part of a person’s story, always takes a little bit of my heart.

Thus, as I am trying to end this series in the most poetic way possible, all I can say is that I left a little bit of my heart in San Francisco. I don’t when I will be able to pick up that part of my heart again and I don’t know even know if I would ever able to have it back. San Francisco has now got a little bit of my heart, forever and always.

So this is the end of American Diary ’16 series. Those two weeks in the land of the American Dream, will be a time that I will never forget, a time that I will treasure and remember for eternity, and right now I want to rewind back to the time where Barrack Obama was still POTUS and to where I first entered LAX where it all began. I don’t where I am headed to next and neither do I know what I will be doing next, but all I know is that I am just going to live brighter then the sun and moon lighting our sky through the day and night.




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