American Diaries ’16: Venice and Monica (more cheesiness)





Dear American Diary 2016, 

We all walk by each other every day. We look from left to right, making sure no one is in our way. Sometimes we run, hard and fast, and whilst we are running we forget about the faces we passed. You see, whilst I was on the plane to the U.S. or when I was walking down Santa Monica Pier or walking by each palm tree at Venice Beach, I came to realise that each person I passed has a story, a story yet to be told.

Our lives are not ones to categorise as a fairy tale, or horror, or romance, our lives don’t have a genre to be placed in as they all uniquely stand alone. Some of us may have a princess waiting at the top of a tower, or a prince charming fighting the wicked witch of the west or some of us are our own superhero. But the stories that we each possess and are writing at this second, are the ones that will be remembered and be told.

So as I was eating my corn dog and funnel cake at Santa Monica Pier, the people walking passed me and the ones that sat around me were people who may have experienced angst, excitement or love as such in their lifetime. So I was not just a woman devouring a corn dog and funnel cake; I was a woman who just reunited with her family after eight years, I was a woman who came from a painstaking 15-hour flight and I was a woman who was in complete awe of the scenery. However, right now I am a confused woman just trying to make it in this world.

So, go and write your story, with integrity, love and meaning. Maybe someday someone will tell your story, but no matter what story you create and tell it will be remembered throughout history. Remember as long as your soul is living then so is your story.




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