American Diaries ’16: Rollercoastin’



Dear American Diary 2016,

Twist and turns; is that not what life is all about. There are ups, downs, and twists in parts where you didn’t think were possible. I don’t know if I am talking about my life or about the multiple rollercoasters at Six Flags, but what they all have in common is that they all end in a flash. You see, the problems we have now seem like they’ll go on forever or they are the forever, but they really are just the now.

You’ll feel nauseous, you’ll loose grip more than once and just maybe you’ll scream so loud that it is louder than a scream of a banshee. This is a good description of me on each ride at Six Flags; as those rides tested my body’s capability on not throwing up, and they also proved that I get nauseous too easily. However, maybe you’re feeling this now except you’re not on an actual rollercoaster, but you are on your own personal rollercoaster called life.

Life, God, the universe or whatever or whoever you believe in will give us obstacles to test our stamina; to test if we can reach the finish line no matter what happens. However, don’t sprint to the end to avoid the problems that are put in front of your path; because life isn’t a race to see how fast we can get there or who’ll come first. Life is just simply something that we should embrace with all of the good and the bad because somehow we become stronger and better people after it.

Although life, is not just made up of terrible and bad experiences, life is also ethereal and exciting. You may be experiencing these terrible and bad moments now or you may not be at the moment, but trust me life will give you splendour and wanderlust at the strangest times. You’ll feel magic and glee, where your smile will reach the sky and there is a twinkle in your eyes.

So there’ll be days where it is just magic and there will be ones that are gloomy, but no matter what live each day like it is your last.




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