American Diaries 16′: LA LA LAND

Dear American diary 2016,

It has been a while since I have written here and, God do I miss you like how I missed the wanderlust of this trip. It has been 3 weeks maybe 4, I’m not quite sure but if you think that I would stop writing about za holiday or not finish this diary, then you are wrong.

 If you have not yet watched La La Land or if you have not heard of it before then where have you been? But if I were to summarise the whole movie in one sentence #spoilersahead, it is basically where Mia, the aspiring artist, and Sebastian, the struggling jazz pianist, fall in love with each other and their own dreams but they break up in the end. Los Angeles for me was something like that, full of wanderlust, excitement and sadness (when I left), but my La La Land did not include falling in love with a boy that loved jazz and neither did I have large musical numbers 😭😭😭.

So, if La La Land had its’ Mia and Sebastian, my La La Land had Hollywood Boulevard, In N Out and Griffith Observatory to list a few out of the many. They aren’t the main characters to my imagined movie musical but they are somewhat just as important, because they did provide me bliss that I have never experienced before.

Like a blurb of a book or a character description, these “upcoming character descriptions” or “blurbs”, describe the distant, yet, my close memories of LA that are very cheesy (I have warned you so be prepared to cringe).

Hollywood Boulevard 

There are the Spiderman impersonators and the aspiring artists handing out their mixtapes all hoping to be noticed. Each and everyone of those dreamers, whether that’s the 2 Spidermans or the aspiring artists, or people like me taking tourist-y pictures; we were all standing around stars, above and beneath us, yet, we did not notice ourselves. We are all trying to become the stars beneath our feet like Drew Barrymore and Stevie Wonder. However, little did we know that we are stars already but we are just too blind to see who we truly are. Hollywood Boulevard the stars were not beneath me but around me, and one was me, yet, I still don’t see the star that is me (if you didn’t cringe, I am doing it for you).


In N Out 

A burger is not just full of carbohydrates and fat, but too someone like me, it actually has a deeper meaning. It may sound sad, but if you think about it, that cheeseburger you consumed or that chips you just dipped in your favourite sauce, carry some sort of sentimental meaning. So you see, In N Out is not simply just a fast food restaurant, but the In N Out in San Francisco and the other one somewhere in the vicinity of LA; hold burgers and chips that burst my tastebuds, and each burger I ate and each chip I chomped away on, hold moments that I had with my family that I’ll never forget.


Griffith Observatory

We all are searching for love, whether that’s the romantic type of love between two people, love between family or love for ourselves. We are all in search for something that is intangible, something that we want to feel and to have forever. Some of us travel around the world to discover the love that we want, yet, even if we travel across oceans to find what we are looking for, we forget that the love we yearn to have is right in front of us. I don’t think on this trip I was soul searching, but what I did realise is that you don’t call someone “family” because of the DNA you share, but you call them “family” because of that unbreakable bond called love 😍. (I am going to continue to be cheesy because that’s what I am good at) so you see as I was looking down at Downtown LA whilst the wind was hitting my face at full force, in that moment I realised the reason why I was standing right there, was because of family. Through thick and thin, your la familia always has your back whoever they are and where ever they are, they will always love you.



The Other

Okay, this section does not have a cheesy description but what it does have is a collection of random pictures that I felt like putting in.


American Diaries 2016  I will be back hopefully not for too long but I’ll be back with another story to tell. See you soooooon ✌🏽




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