American Diaries ’16: The beginning

Dear American diary 2016,

I thought I would have set foot in the land where the American Dreams lie when I was at least in my 20s,  but who would have predicted that it happened in 2 Oh 16.

This 2 week trip just in California, was the first time my brother and I ever flew solo. We have been on planes numerous of times, where we are most definitely are accustomed to the squishy economy seats, the airplane food and scary flush of the toilet in airplanes. But ridin’ solo (cue Jason Derulo) with out adults is something that both my brother and I, will forever remember.

So, after a 15 hour straight trip of watching movies then pausing half way to sleep and then waking up with a numb bum, I would have to say my excitement levels were high. No really, although there was a lot sarcasm in that previous sentence, reaching and stepping into LAX felt like a movie, it was absolutely an exciting and epic moment. Now let me tell you, if there was one other person who was more excited than me, it was my brother, because every 15 seconds he kept telling me that “we are in A M E R I C A”.

In that 2 weeks of pure bliss, we went to sooo many places in just a short time (so a big THANK YOU to my cousins), many of these places will have there own post and will be heavily detailed, so I will just keep that a secret for now. But to list the stereotypical places that I forced my cousins to take me are:

  1. Walmart. Maybe it’s because of Youtube but let’s just say I got a great amount of typical American snacks that the land down under does not supply e.g. Goldfish.
  2. Chipotle. No words, the entire place is just a god sent.
  3. The Cheescake Factory. I mean do I have to justify how glorious place is.
  4. Korean BBQ. I don’t know if this is just an LA thing but Korean BBQ could never be better in America.
  5. Fried chicken. I think one of the many things that I was looking forward to was fried chicken. It’s not that I haven’t had fried chicken before, but I think the hype of “American fried chicken” really lured me, and all the hype did not disappoint.

American Diary 2016 there are many stories that I still have to tell you, that I wish I could relive again. So, just wait a little bit because there are more moments that I will share with you.




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