Just one of those days

I really don’t have much to say today (so today’s post is going to be short), and I don’t know why. Usually, I would have a lot to say, a lot to talk about, but I think I am just having one of those days or maybe I am having a “writer’s block” (which is what I wouldn’t like to call it because I am not writer), so I guess I am just having one of those days.



This is the end to my Asian tour. It’s a bittersweet ending, but I wouldn’t have a better way to end it in Thailand. Thailand is just one of those places that you have to keep on going back to. Maybe it is the people or it is the food but there is something present throughout the country that pulls you to go back.




I don’t think I can explain how beautiful Thailand is. Hopefully the pictures do this place justice. However, me not being a photographer of any kind, I don’t know if I gave its’ justice but I would like to say I tried. But when given another opportunity to go back all over Thailand, I don’t think I would hesitate to say no.


2017-02-09 06.49.34 2.jpg


Thailand was a bittersweet ending because it was the end to my holiday (which meant HELLOOO REALITY), but it wasn’t a bad one either because memories were made that I will laugh, smile and shake my head at when I look back to who I was when I was 18 years old and 3ish months. So to end this post is something I am finding quite difficult to do because like I said before, I am having one of those days. However, I hope you’re having a good day and if you’re not having a good day then I hope me falling down a flight of stairs in front of many people (which did happen after watching the Book of Mormon) will make you at least smile. See you soon 💕✌🏽




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