Norah Jones makes me feel like a butterfly

Butterflies are so hard to catch, I don’t know if that is just me, but every time I try to convince one to land and stay on my finger (if that’s possible), they always fly away from me. However, even though they low key don’t like me and I’m low key sort of afraid of them, I still have an adoration for butterflies. Maybe, it’s because they have wings and they are free to do whatever they want to do, and fly to wherever they aspire to go. Or maybe, it’s because  I have always wanted to skydive (which is the closest that I am going to get to having wings), but butterflies to me embody the meaning to be free.



I am listening to Norah Jones at the moment and all her songs always make me sentimental. The way Norah Jones sings is what makes me feel like a butterfly, but as I am currently listening to her she is making me feel nostalgic about my trip in Malaysia.

Visiting Malaysia allowed me to embody a butterfly. We (my family and I) went to Penang, Langkawi and, we also went around places near Port Klang (we were on a cruise). Although, we weren’t in each city for as long as we have liked to; every adventure done within each of the cities was the most carefree I have ever felt.




As I now am immersing myself back into reality, which  means Norah Jones’s album Come Away With Me has finished playing and it also means for me to shed off my imaginary butterfly wings. But no matter how stressful and hectic life becomes you and I can always be as carefree as butterflies no matter what song is playing or where we are. So let’s be butterflies going wherever the wind will take us.




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