My feet had a message for me



2017-01-12 03.59.13 1.jpg


Have you ever got that ache and pain in your feet after you have walked too far, even if you didn’t walk that far, but it’s far enough for your feet to tell you sit down? Because I feel that ache all the time, maybe it’s because my feet are low key weak and can’t handle anything but Singapore was really a test for my good old feet.


2017-02-02 10.04.54 1.jpg



I have been to Singapore three times (and let’s hope the number increases), but each time I go it always keeps getting better. Every spot, and every corner that I visited it was always a new experience. Seeing the Merlion again let me feel something new, and going on the luge ride again allowed me to relive my 12 year old self. Also going to Gardens by the Bay for the first time left me in absolute awe, as well as, going to the Newton Food Centre for the first time did not disappoint my on going big food baby.





These experiences old and new, adds to who we are. It builds our personality and let’s us grow in another way. No matter where you are, you carry your experiences with you and that is what makes you the human being that you are.

My feet had a message(s) for me:

1. To sit down and stop walking because they were going to fall off.

2. That no matter how much they hurt from walking, they’ll always carry the memories I make like a USB.

Make memories and make sure your feet remember them, even if it hurts.




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