It was all a big blur


Do you ever have moments in your life where it’s all just a blur, not a bad blur, but a good one? Or do you have those days where dancing in the rain is better than any other decision that you have ever made? Well, the moments where I was strolling in Vigan was all just a blur (a good one though).




Vigan holds such rich history which is shown through it’s Spanish colonial architecture throughout town and the kalesas (horse-drawn carts) that are still being used. Other than Vigan being a very Instagrammable place (#millennial), it is also my mama’s hometown.




It isn’t just a place full of history of, for example, the Spanish colonizing the Philippines, but Vigan is a place that holds stories of the many generations of families like my own, that have lived there . No matter where you are whether you’re in the Plaza or you’re just surrounded by farms, there is always a story that can be told.




My good blur moment went by quicker than I eat chips (which is very quick), but that’s the thing about them, they are blurry in the moment but once you clearly see it through, you’ll know it was just like dancing in the rain. So, you to have a good blur moment no matter where you are.




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