Floating on clouds

As a child I have always wondered what it would be like to float on a cloud, whether or not I would drop right through or I would be able to sit on it like a queen on her throne. But as I have yet been able to do so, I would like to imagine that walking and being in Vitalis Villas is like floating on a cloud.


Okay, let’s all highlight the fact how I used ‘is’, because unfortunately I am not in Vitalis Villas relaxing under the sun at the moment. But instead I am on my bed eating my medium McDonald’s cheeseburger meal with chicken nuggets and sweet & sour sauce whilst writing this blog post. So let me just reminisce the hues of white and blues and the cobbled pavement as I eat my  McDonald’s meal.




Vitalis Villas is a Santorini-inspired resort that has allowed me to be like a Grecian princess. Although it doesn’t have my medium cheeseburger meal, but what the place does have is a buffet that’ll keep you full for days and activities such as ziplining that will make you feel like you’re a bird soaring through the sky. However, the most important part of this place is that it has allowed me to sleep like a baby and it has helped in reducing my dark eye bags (which are still heavily prominent).





I still like to wish that I am on my Vitalis Villas cloud but unfortunately I am on my imitation of a cloud (my bed) with my also imitation of a buffet (McDonald’s providing the goods). So, I’ll end it here with me still dreaming of my own mission impossibles (this includes floating on a cloud) and imagining that they’ll come true, and I beg for you to do the same.




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