Impossible Dream was softly playing in the car, as we passed by the busy streets of Manila. Okay, okay, hold up – when I mean pass, I mean 1 to 2 hours of traffic combined with no rules on the road, which then leaves me with an undesirable amount of stress pimples to deal with . So the word pass is an understatement and shouldn’t be used without it being clearly defined, when talking about driving in Manila.


However, that’s the beauty of Manila – people jumping on and off of jeepneys, people riding on tricycles and motorcyles with sometimes 3 or more people on one, where they are sliding calmly through traffic as if it’s normal day, and the cars and trucks rushing towards their destination. Without the busyness and the rush, Manila wouldn’t be Manila without it.

There are many more things that make Manila beautiful whether that’s through the historical buildings which encompasses stories beyond our years, music that sometimes makes me cringe but always has a beautiful meaning and of course ma bae, the food which can make you have more than one food baby in less than 5 minutes. But the true beauty of Manila (well the entirety of the nation) is its’ people; through good and bad times there is always someone that has a smile on their face, and that is the beauty of Manila.


Manila-ila you have taught me that traffic here is incomparable to the traffic in Melbourne. You have most importantly shown me what hard work and perseverance is to achieve that impossible dream, and that is what I keep on learning from you. See you soon Manila because it’s never a goodbye when I leave.




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