The Philippines

Quick side note before you start reading, but my next few blog posts will be about the Philippines, so be ready to fall in love with the country that I adore.

When I get asked about how I would describe the Philippines, the only word that perfectly describes this hot and humid place is, home. The Philippines is, my home away from home.

I lived in the Philippines for about 7 months when I was a toddler (okay so 7 months isn’t that long but hey it counts as something), and I go there often for family vacations. I may have been brought up in Australia, but because I have very PROUD Filipino parents they never let me forget where they originated; where I come from.

Everything about the Phils (this is what we will be sticking with because I am too lazy to type out the whole word) screams home. I may have grown up eating the food, doing karaoke at every single Filipino party, watching TFC – cue on the wings of loveeeee and sa walang hangaaaannnnn and having my Tita’s and Tito’s (even the ones that I am not related to but they’re still my Tita’s and Tito’s) ask me “may boyfriend ka na ba?” (I am cringing too at my bad Tagalog) in English “do you have a boyfriend?” and I always answer no, yet, they still somehow don’t believe me. But doing all these things can never replace the feeling of being back home.

Every time I set foot in the Phils, no matter what time it is or what day it is, there is just this feeling in the wind, that tells me I am home.  So, my home away from home, like the stars that never leave the vast and ambiguous sky, you too will never leave my vast and ambiguous heart.




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