A Moment to Last

Time goes fast, and the problem with time is that it doesn’t stop. There is no remote to rewind, fast forward, pause, stop and play the memories of the past. There are so many memories that I wish I could replay on repeat, whether they were happy or sad. Those were and are the moments that shall be stamped on and within my heart till the end of time.

My life is so suddenly going by so fast at a rate I never expected it to go by, not lasting a second for me to look behind and catch a glimpse of it going by. So I guess in a way this blog is my jar to fly and catch every moment, so that they will last forever.

In A Walk to Remember, Landon describes his and Jamie’s love, as like the title of the book, a walk to remember, and in someway like Landon, I want my entire life to be a walk to remember.

So here it is, A Moment to Last,  many different things will be posted but those are the moments that will be etched here to last, not to be forgotten.




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